It was not enough to be
drenched in your sun
showers, to have your
fingers trail moonlight
through my hair, for your
blazing lips to lock noon
heat between us.

I needed more than
galaxies between my
thighs, daybreak in
your smiles, starlight
in your eyes. I tasted
forever on your tongue,
heard always in your
heartbeat, outlined we
on your chest.

It was enough to be cast
in shadow, to have my
sundial blotted out by your
clouds, to see the negligible
pebbles in the hourglass, to
know the darkened cemetery
in your mouth was too much.

Pamela Rossow

26 thoughts on “Eclipse”

  1. “heard always in your
    heartbeat outlined we
    on your chest”

    =( this makes me sigh such a sigh heavy with too much longing

    know the darkened cemetery
    in your mouth was too much”

    Good God if you don’t leave after knowing that, you’re doomed…but how many of us know that and still…
    Wow how that one line darkens so well. Wow.
    Take care, Que

    1. Sometimes, life is like that and I guess we learn something from it down the road. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves when we’re in that dark place, right?
      Yes, we learn what is too much, too painful. Silence does speak. We can’t always fill it with our own wants and wishes.
      I wish you well and life moments filled with joy and love, Que.

  2. Hello.
    WoW! This is intense!
    Poets are passionate people & it’s very hard not to devote yourself entirely to the one you love. I am completely lost in my wife’s love, but I never lose sight of the fact that God is the supreme ruler & it is His will I must always obey first, foremost & above all others.
    Beautiful, sensual & haunting (at the end) piece of writing. Nice image too.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Into Nothingness…

    1. Yes, to all of the above. Just because we make someone a priority doesn’t mean we neglect other important relationships. We have to know ourselves, too, and keep that identity front and center. I know you are crazy in love with your wife. It shows, poet. 🙂

  3. What comes to me as I read this is a reminder that we cannot make our relationships our God — no matter how wonderful, it will never be enough!

    Thank you for sharing your eloquent self so generously, Pamela! XO

  4. to know the darkened cemetery
    in your mouth was too much ~ Something haunting in those words.

    Enjoyed this Pam, I will leave you with that comment and return to reread it again. I am sure it will take on another meaning then.

    1. Yes, they do haunt. Thanks so much for stopping over and for coming back again. Poetry is like that. . .literature, too. A second, third, fourth read brings new thoughts. xo

  5. Haunting words falling from all the bright promise of light into grave shadow, matched by a captivating photo. Nicely done Pamela.

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