The Universe

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth . . .”
~Genesis 1:1 (Douay–Rheims Bible)

Could you see from
your celestial heavens
Earth’s axial tilt 23.44°?

Or did you write off the
slant as a slight shake of
the Creator’s wrist, a tremor?

Maybe it was the cosmic
dust so diffracting that
irritated your sight.

Anyway, you should
know that your galaxy is
gravitationally bound-

like the rest of ours. Along
with those stars and inter-
stellar clouds, “dark matter.”

Oh, and your constellation?
One of 88 dubbed “Emu in
the sky.” But it’s true.

Yes, we heard it-your
Big Bang. Really, we did.
Now, there’s just evolution.

© Pamela Rossow

18 thoughts on “The Universe”

  1. This is an excellent portrayal of the cosmos and the creation, thanks for posting this beautiful picutre of the cosmos. I am now following your blog posts as they have interested me and I am looking forward to see more posts in the site. If you would like to visit my blogsite , you are warmly welcomed at, and I invite you to read a brief excerpt Metaphors of Life in my blogsite 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad you liked the post. I like using science as metaphors. A wonderful aspect about poetry and prose is that they may be interpreted differently and there is no incorrect interpretation! I love the fluidity of this genre! I would be happy to drop over! Thanks again!

  2. When our galaxy explodes new worlds are created, new life dances to fill the void, for matter leaps from love and creation to emptiness and destruction and back again..

  3. I check out astronomy quick reads all the time. Lotta stuff seems to be still big-banging out there. Universe still expanding. Leads me to ponder we are still at the moments away from the Bang beginning.

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