This poem was inspired by the photograph below of a person who happens to be an artist, dreamer, photographer, blogger, motivator and friend. Her self-photo has a golden quality to it and this poem is the result. Now check our her blog at Dangerous Linda.ย Go on, skeddadle.


she was not content to live in
as pearls do hidden
away until their luminescent

she was light so much so that
could not surround her
one flaxen glance and it blazed

she bathed in brilliance arms wide to
the ritual cascade golden rivulets of
honey and shining flecks of

she even dreamt in goldenrod while
of harvest trailed her heartโ€™s flights
keeping the dark at

ยฉ Pamela Rossow

30 thoughts on “Ablaze”

  1. Wow! Its a fabulous poem full of wonderful images like ‘moons of harvest trailed her heart’s flights’, ‘golden rivulets of honey and shining flecks of wheat’ etc. which go on to paint this poem in a ‘golden yellow hue’. Well, its a mirror held to the inner beauty of our dear Linda.
    dear Pamela, thanks for sharing these lines with us.

  2. Beautiful Poem Pamela. Linda carries her light with her, sending shadows into hiding and creating new ones for us to admire. She’s creative like that;) Well done Pamela โค

  3. Powerful poem full of compelling imagery and flowing with grace. What an incredible tribute to an incredible woman, Pamela!
    Blessings, and do keep on writing – you are so gifted!

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