“The naive judgment of the dreamer on waking assumes that the dream – even if it does not come from another world – has at all events transported the dreamer into another world.”
The Interpretation of Dreams
~By Sigmund Freud

you tried to take away
my wish fulfillment you
dissected it bit by bit until
it became broken into pieces
of quantitative analysis
sterile bits of soul laid bare
upon your theoretical

I allowed you to strip me
leaving my subconscious
naked the entire time believing
in your precepts trusting in
your self-professed science
becoming a hypothetical

how could you have known
anything of my candy colored
absurdities my twilight bathed
inspirations my laurel hopes my
Amazon desires you did not speak
my dream language your muteness
sliced my emotions with surgical

if only you had cared to know
something of my autumnal eyes
my emerald amulet my perpetual
shores my beating waves my cerulean
depths you did not feel my swells
your resolute bias steeled

© Pamela Rossow


Google Photograph

washing over me
and flooding my being a
welcomed liquid embrace
a cocoon enveloping my
eyes nose ears a blurring of
senses floating me crosscurrent
from the estuary to that spot of
freckled sunlight glinting off
limpid waters where leafy canopies
in mirrored reflections tease rippling
the place where You I first sprung

© Pamela Rossow

glittering soot on her eyelashes

I’m excited to introduce a blogger friend whose poetry I have admired for some time.  She agreed to guest post and share an original poem from her collection.  She is an talented artist who weaves beautiful imagery and creativity into her poetry.  She writes about relationships, nature,  love, lost loves, and the bottom line?  She moves me!  Check out her site at glittering soot on her eyelashes and show her some love!







i flow in gold rivulets
alike a slowly setting sun,
skin tingling, lost in blistering air
of the never tomorrows and never agains.
we gulp it down,
saline waters still trapped in alveoli
aftertaste of sea spray on the lips
i remember all that you were
and all that you weren’t.


 © glittering soot on her eyelashes


we never really lose lost loves.
the moral of the story? cut the thread you torture yourself with every once and again or sleep soundly knowing you managed to love again.

Tragedy’s Scream

The sounds of tragedy are everywhere:  howling wind, slamming water, splitting earth, cancer’s mutterings, growling of bloated bellies, clinking of bottles, jabbing of needles, mothers’ crying, and much, much more.  What do we do when these sounds become faint?  Distant?  Far away whispers of an event or series of events that happened to “them,” “him,” or “her?”  Do we keep our masks of indifference on, tuck our legs and heads in and retreat into our shells? Or do we allow sparks of empathy to combust within our minds?  This ignition affecting quick reactions of assistance to “our” global family?  What do we DO when we hear tragedy scream?




Time to celebrate.  Definitely NOT because the Panthers’ lost, again.  Not because I’m sitting here eating a couple pieces of fabulous chocolate.  Not because I’m happy to be feeling better.  Not because I get to go see my son swing a stick and whack a puck tomorrow.  Not because I have awesome friends who I am incredibly grateful for.  Not because most of the Christmas dust is packed and put away.  Not because my nephew scored three goals in his soccer game today.  Not even because I have the most amazing family in the galaxy.  This time, it’s about me (not because I’m NOT grateful for all of the above [except for the Cats losing] because I am). I hesitate to say this because I have a long standing tradition of not taking credit when credit is due.  I get shy when compliments are given.  If sitting, I slump as far down as possible.  My darker, Mediterranean descent skin turns reddish when accolades are directed my way.  But, for once, I’m going to give myself a compliment and mean it (I’m learning). Way to go!  You worked you’re a$$ off and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time! Of course, there’s more ahead to conquer, but, you will!  There.  An affirmation for myself.  I think it’s about time we, as humans, start to build ourselves up instead of tear ourselves down.  I’m not talking narcissism or arrogance.  Just showing ourselves a little love (and cutting ourselves some slack when necessary). So, hey, here’s an affirmation for YOU!  YOU’VE done a great job (insert specifics)!   YOU should celebrate!   Pat YOURself on the back!  Here’s to YOU! Cheers!