Tech Voodoo

So here’s the thing . . . these past two weeks have involved (what could be perceived as) a voodoo-type tech curse.  My newish phone suffered an early death, my computer’s LCD screen was stabbed by a pointy, metal object (rendering it nearly useless), and, today, while in the midst of progress, my mini-voice recorder decided it was time to hit the grave.  Nice.  Not.  I have said before, no techie here.  Just for fun, I googled “voodoo dolls” and I discovered that, for the inexpensive fee of just $600 bucks, I can pay for the voodoo curse to be lifted.  Unfortunately, I’m short on cash.  Being Catholic, however, has some nice perks like free blessed salts, candles, water, and, of course, novenas.   Let the sprinkling of holy water from the Jordan river begin and (since there is no saint of broken things), I’m asking Job to put in a good word for me to the big guy upstairs.