Pledge My Playoff Beard–Please!

This is me with a beard and standing next to Bob. Sexy–I know. Why a beard–you ask? Well, for those of you non-NHL informed people, it’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Everyone grows a beard during playoffs–at least the cool people do. Why should you care? Because I’m sporting facial hair is to help raise money for children who need assistance AKA the Florida Panthers Foundation. Plus, I HATE the “c” word. In order for me to stay in the running, I need at least one daily vote. So please click this link and vote for me for free *shameless plus*! Come on, my favorite #9 is blowing me out of the water!  Of course, the whole point is to raise money for to fight pediatric cancer by pledging. You can donate $10 (or more) by clicking the link as well. Thanks in advance.

My beard even made the news–thanks NBC Miami!