Baby got. . . bounce

I have an alright bike.  It’s old and blue (and anyone who knows me is aware it is my least fave color on bikes or cars).  Basically, a no namer that does the job.  It prefers smooth sidewalks, no bumps, paved terrain, the road more travelled.  My dad’s bike (which he rarely rides), however, has TIRES (I deem preferable).  Great tires.  Tires that don’t panic if I suddenly decide to veer off into grass or dirt or over mounds.  That don’t attempt to dump me when I do so.  Since his bike needs exercise (and it’s way more fun to ride), I “borrow” his.  Being the good daughter that I am, I have previously asked if the “borrowing” is okay.  He’s cool about it (just as long as I don’t ask to “borrow” his truck). Yes, technically, it’s a man’s bike but it’s hunter green and awesome.  Nice knowing I can traverse “off sidewalks” with better shocks and the ride is still smooth.  Just a little extra bounce and who cares about that?