Panthers’ St. Patty’s Puctacular!

Oh, yeahhh!  I’m on a hockey high.  My boys, Weiss and Santorelli played well tonight and Clemmensen rocked the net up close and personal ;-) !!! So exciting to witness a 4-0 shut out against the Maple Leafs! Maybe a wee bit of Irish luck but mostly great ice time. The night was complete (according to my son) because of  the couple fights that broke out (on the ice of course).  Family, hockey, yelling, and dancing?   Who could have asked for a better way to spend St. Patty’s night!  Go Panthers!!!!



I’m frustrated in more ways than one but at the moment it’s with the Panthers. Sigh. More like grrr.

It’s a hot/cold relationship and, as of late, it’s been pretty damn chilly. I had high hopes for Booth, Higgins, and Santorelli but nothing tonight. Montreal was more aggressive and just played better.

It’s time we figured out how to actually score on power plays and odd man breaks. We don’t need to feel bad when an opponent is in the sin bin. We need to check, check and check some more!

I’m glad I was in my living room watching the game as opposed to dealing with the loss up close and personal (and having paid to watch them lose).  Thank-God for Vokoun and his 45 saves.

Guess there’s next time. Geez, don’t need to have my hopes raised only to have them dashed–again. Let’s go Cats!