Canucks (hells yeah)

This year’s Stanley Cup Play-offs put me in an unusual position.  I could care less about either team.  The Panthers didn’t even come close to making it (go ahead, snicker) and then Tampa was out.  So, while I’m not vested in Vancouver or Boston, but, since I love hockey, I must watch.  I know, I know. . .I normally don’t root for Vancouver  (okay, I have NEVER gotten out of my chair and screamed for joy when they scored).  I am a proud American ya know.  However, I hate Boston (the bullies) so the Canucks it is.  Luongo rocked the net in game one and I’m hoping he’ll do it again Saturday night.  Comcast is actually televising the game so I’ll get to watch it in a comfy recliner, and on the big screen.   Let’s go CANUCKS!!!


Some highlights from Game 1!  It was a great game!

Some biting. . .

Some fighting. . .




Panthers’ St. Patty’s Puctacular!

Oh, yeahhh!  I’m on a hockey high.  My boys, Weiss and Santorelli played well tonight and Clemmensen rocked the net up close and personal ;-) !!! So exciting to witness a 4-0 shut out against the Maple Leafs! Maybe a wee bit of Irish luck but mostly great ice time. The night was complete (according to my son) because of  the couple fights that broke out (on the ice of course).  Family, hockey, yelling, and dancing?   Who could have asked for a better way to spend St. Patty’s night!  Go Panthers!!!!


Humor Me Monday

Wow! A post on Monday the intended day!  Fabulous!

  • My niece and nephew were spending the night over the weekend.  My nephew wanted to sleep in my son’s room (my children were time-sharing with their dad) and my niece was thrilled to sleep in my daughter’s room.  They both ran into the bedrooms.  Nothing but silence from my daughter’s room as my niece headed straight to the dollhouse.  Suddenly, I heard “booooooooooo” streaming from my son’s room.  I walked in and my nephew was lying on his back on the floor staring at my son’s bulletin board.  I glanced over and saw the large, signed poster of the Florida Panther’s ice dancers (with their exposed abs, short shorts, and laser whitened teeth).  “Do you want me to take that down for you?” I asked.  The kid is only 7 yrs. old!  “Yes!”  he replied with another long “booooooo.”  I promptly removed the push pins and placed it out of sight.  The sweet innocence and wit of little ones!