Tragedy’s Scream

The sounds of tragedy are everywhere:  howling wind, slamming water, splitting earth, cancer’s mutterings, growling of bloated bellies, clinking of bottles, jabbing of needles, mothers’ crying, and much, much more.  What do we do when these sounds become faint?  Distant?  Far away whispers of an event or series of events that happened to “them,” “him,” or “her?”  Do we keep our masks of indifference on, tuck our legs and heads in and retreat into our shells? Or do we allow sparks of empathy to combust within our minds?  This ignition affecting quick reactions of assistance to “our” global family?  What do we DO when we hear tragedy scream?




  • To live in a great country, America
  • To have given birth to a great boy and a great girl
  • To have a great dad and a great mom
  • To have a great brother, a great sis-in-law, a great niece and a great nephew
  • To have great friends who love me
  • To live in a great neighborhood
  • To have my children attend great schools with great teachers
  • To attend a great university with great professors
  • To have great neighbors
  • To have great aunts, great uncles, and great cousins
  • To have a great grandmother
  • To have great medicine, great doctors, great hospitals
  • To have great women and great men who protect our nation
  • To have great men and great women who devote their lives to public service
  • To have great air conditioning in great South Florida
  • To drink great coffee with great soy creamer every morning
  • To have great sunrises and great sunsets
  • To have great oceans, great trees, and be surrounded by great nature
  • To have great hearing to listen to great music, great laughter, great people
  • To have a mouth to speak great words
  • To have great fingers to type great thoughts, great feelings, and great emotions
  • To have a great-full heart that knows while life isn’t always great, it is always full

What are YOU great-full for?