It’s a smooth, jazz Sunday, NOT.  A put up your feet and chill to old school U2, NOT.  A lay by the pool and unwind with some classic rock day, NOT.  It’s all about MAROON 5.  Did my left pinkie remain too long on the caps lock key as I typed that name?  YES.  Here’s the thing, I have not been Beiberized.  Bubléd, slightly.  I had no idea that a few, innocent songs my daughter swindled me into listening to would get stuck in my head:  Sunday Morning, Give a Little More, This Love and Moves Like Jagger.  Two weeks straight of solid Maroon 5 music blaring from my daughter’s radio and I’m losing my mind and stuttering.  She will be loved but, Maroon 5, it’s better that we break   because I’m in misery and I want to runaway!


your first ancestors
had geographic ridges
purple-blue crisscrosses
once slashed gaping open
crimson that mouthed
“wade in the water chillan” 

you called people
responded the blues
bent in depressed
trances third fifth and
seventh like pancakes
flattened by a spatula

you ragged people
shagged under red
lights to a syncopated
rhythm AABBACCC no
more cakewalks just sexy
marches and falling Maple Leaves 

© Pamela A. Rossow



Smooth Jazz Saturday

Yep, it’s a smooth jazz kinda day in SoFlo–0vercast, chilly, gloomy. Perfect day for writing interspersed with some old school jazz like Chet Baker, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane. Some modern artists as well like Diana Krall, Norah Jones, and my favorite, Kurt Elling. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend wherever in the world you are!