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I watched a great chick flick tonight called Chocolat with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. It somehow managed to fly under my feminine radar when it was first released in 2000. I found it perched atop a shelf in a nearby library among hundreds of other titles.

I’d recommend it to anyone of you, women, who are intoxicated with chocolate and France (set in a fictional village called Lansquenet-sous-Tannes). Parts of it reminded me of a Hallmark movie (fortunately only small segments), but the chocolate and romance made up for the cheese–or maybe the romance was part of the cheese.

Anyway, still playful and delicious. As I am typing this, I have near my laptop, an assortment of positively sinful, Godiva chocolates (thanks to my sister-in-law and her family).I am savoring each one, yet, only the dark truffles ignite passion (seriously ;-)).

So, enjoy the movie and be sure to have some decadent chocolates on hand prior to watching. If you didn’t crave them before, you will after!


Herbes de Provence

her garden a secret get-a-
way arched trellis to dreams

that came near dawn
silky grasses that caressed

her legs shadowed by towering
seed laden globes golden

drooping under the weight of
mammoth heads flowers that

made her feel small and protected
rich black earth cooled her feet

squished between toes and connected
her to her mother her earth

purplish lavender calming fragrance
the color of sunrise-washed early

morns tinged with twilight blue
savory then fennel with its licorice

sweetness basil her presence
intoxicating clothed in kelly green

thyme can never have too much its fresh
sprigs and tiny leaves awaiting plucking

to be sprinkled over every steaming dish
nights she spent here under a pale

glowing face watching silently as she
slept inhaling perfumed orange blossoms

©  Pamela Rossow