I took the test and I’m taking the challenge.  How many of us could improve our health, well-being, and overall quality of life by eating better and taking care of ourselves So many of us are so concerned about our children, work, life, and trying to juggle a gazillion things that we neglect ourselves and our health!  Some of us have health challenges we have to manage and many of us don’t have any health issues (yet).  We can all learn something about getting on the right eating/nutrition track.  I encourage you to visit: EATRIGHTAMERICACHALLENGE.COM and enter this access code:  CERAFLBCA.  DO IT!!!!  If you’ve taken the challenge, post in the comment section below.  Americans are renowned for a lot of things and good health is not one of them! 

Check out What the World Eats from Time

Tragedy’s Scream

The sounds of tragedy are everywhere:  howling wind, slamming water, splitting earth, cancer’s mutterings, growling of bloated bellies, clinking of bottles, jabbing of needles, mothers’ crying, and much, much more.  What do we do when these sounds become faint?  Distant?  Far away whispers of an event or series of events that happened to “them,” “him,” or “her?”  Do we keep our masks of indifference on, tuck our legs and heads in and retreat into our shells? Or do we allow sparks of empathy to combust within our minds?  This ignition affecting quick reactions of assistance to “our” global family?  What do we DO when we hear tragedy scream?




you survived earth’s knee
quaking seismicity over and
over again shaking tremors
shuddered scared ground

blood pooled because of
futile resistance to greedy
boogiemen who subjugated and
humiliated–damn colonizers

you rose above it 2,687 feet under
St. Gerard’s watchful eyes like amulets
sea breeze perfumed comune peering
over the Basento river valley

my ancestors inhaled here made
love here cradled generations here
worked cried died here

all I hold are some color splashed
travel brochures that say your food
is rustic your pottery traditional
your cashmere beautiful

we have yet to meet but when we do
I will love you, wear you, live you

Pamela A. Rossow

Sexy Domestication

It’s nearly Christmas.  Translation:  baking.  While guys might get turned on by V8 engines, raked front ends, and flex ratcheting wrenches, some of us, domesticated women, realize that a KitchenAid stand mixer means sexy.  The power and force behind this 30 lb. beast means durability and high performance.  What more could we ask for?  Maybe a direct drive, all steel transmission?  Yup.  A burnished, spiral, dough hook?  Yup.  A six quart, stainless bowl with handle?  Uh huh.   Okay, I admit it.  I’m sorta in love.  Since baking is pretty much a labor of love, it’s all good, right?  So guys, enjoy your Craftsmen and Makitas.  I’ll be in the kitchen, mesmerized. . .

Monsanto Disgustanto

Monsanto(Sigh.) Isn’t it enough this corporation is responsible for the mass production of nasty chemicals through their Round-Up products?  Isn’t it nice knowing that Monsanto assisted in manufacturing Agent_Orange?  Don’t you sleep easier at night because you are now aware that Monsanto has a monopoly on genetically modified crops here in the States?  And don’t you feel better, when shopping at your local grocery store with its unmarked produce, that you can more readily consume large quantities of pesticide ridden, gene meddled with produce?  I know the economy’s been rough.  I’m right there beside you buying the icky potatoes and toxic tomatoes (when they are cheaper than the organic fruits and veggies). I don’t have to like it though.  So, Monsanto, when my food budget improves, I will no longer have to stand there glaring at your gene altered corn and soybeans.  I will pass by your products for their organic counterparts and happily place Genetically_modified_organism free corn in my grocery cart.  Btw, not only are you doing your consumers a disservice, you are not helping farmers who want the freedom to plant biodiverse crops, and you should be placed behind bars for your seed hording (the farmers facing time because they chose to save seeds from their own, non-Monsanto crops should be freed). You just flat-out disgust me.  Forget about your treatment of farmers in countries such as India.  You’re despicable.  It’s only a matter of time before your evil deeds (I mean seeds) are revealed.  So, in the meantime, live it up (I guess). Your days in the States (and elsewhere) are numbered.  While some people may think Americans are stupid, I disagree.  We’ll catch on.  When we do, your company will be obsolete.

Farmer suicides

Seed Monopolies


Not supposed to be on the computer much so I will be brief (or at least try to).  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term thanksgiving means:

1.       the act of giving thanks

2.       a prayer expressing gratitude

3.       a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness

Tomorrow, I will be engaging in numbers 1, 2, and 3.  I hope you’ll join me.  Despite life’s sometimes uncontrollable circumstances, we can all choose to be thankful for something or someone (or many things and many people). I am incredibly grateful for my family and friends who have been present when life has handed me cannolis (my favorite dessert) or when it’s dished out the Warheads.  I also have a wonderful home, clean water, food, and a body pillow.  Not going to lie, I am looking forward to mom’s Italian stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie (a large can of Ready Whip awaits). But the people I am sharing the meal with make the holiday.   I hope you’ll join me in bringing to mind what or who you are thankful for.  While I know, for some of you, Thanksgiving will be difficult and/or sad, remember that someone is thankful for YOU!  Blessings. . .