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you came to me in
violet flowers in
hand weeping




running through fields of
wild flowers fragrant
air plays tag I’m it

perfumed breath-
less near my nape
I have not neglected

the bronze sun on my
face the verdant blanket
underfoot to collapse upon

the secrets you have kept
a first kiss blossoming on a
young girl’s lips stained

with romance she will not
forget that embrace
under your azure skies

© Pamela A. Rossow



she stood embellished a
checkerboard of hot
light and cool shadows
crisscrossing her face
she stood allowed coy
breezes to swish her
honey blonde bangs
framing her face
she stood enchanted  by
South American vines
clamoring to adorn her
magenta blazon soul

Pamela A. Rossow


bronze beauty looking

for full sun and enriched

compost prefers zones

3-9 reputedly hardy

dislikes overcrowding and

street lights seeks similar

cultivar to share soil

Pamela A. Rossow

(ha-ha can’t help myself they are my favorite flowers!)