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“The naive judgment of the dreamer on waking assumes that the dream – even if it does not come from another world – has at all events transported the dreamer into another world.”
The Interpretation of Dreams
~By Sigmund Freud

you tried to take away
my wish fulfillment you
dissected it bit by bit until
it became broken into pieces
of quantitative analysis
sterile bits of soul laid bare
upon your theoretical

I allowed you to strip me
leaving my subconscious
naked the entire time believing
in your precepts trusting in
your self-professed science
becoming a hypothetical

how could you have known
anything of my candy colored
absurdities my twilight bathed
inspirations my laurel hopes my
Amazon desires you did not speak
my dream language your muteness
sliced my emotions with surgical

if only you had cared to know
something of my autumnal eyes
my emerald amulet my perpetual
shores my beating waves my cerulean
depths you did not feel my swells
your resolute bias steeled

© Pamela Rossow