Must. . .have. . .coffee!

*sigh* I will admit it.  I’m in the throes of withdrawal and it’s not pretty.  It’s been over a week and I’ve had to forgo that which makes my mornings bright, my brain less fuzzy, and my day fulfilled.  Some of you know what I’m talking about.  Some of you can empathize because you, too, like (okay, love) your morning jolt.  I don’t expect a lot.  I’m taking each day as it comes: hoping for the best, appreciative of the simple, and not as irritated when life flings strife my way.  Yet, I’m less enthused about facing what lies ahead without my cup of Joe.  With my special Christmas mug (a gift from my daughter) filled to the brim with Breakfast Blend and topped off with Vanilla Silk, I can accomplish anything.  Without it, I can still accomplish everything but it’s not as much fun (and the pace might be a tad bit slower).  So, here’s hoping that this dry spell will end soon and I may, once again, enjoy my cherished morning ritual.  Long live coffee!

Voluntary Hermitage

I cannot receive full monk status because: 1.  I am a woman  2.  The vow of chastity, well, yeah I have two great kids, and 3.  The vow of poverty, hmmm. . .not so much considering how wealthy I am in love (plus I am too attached to hockey, my comfy bed etc.). The fourth vow, obedience, however, I can relate to.  It’s coming down to the wire. I have been, mountainside, camped out in my craggy cave and the time I spend in there for the next month or so is going increase.  I have been collecting provisions and am happy to have internet access and a percolator.  The view is incredible although I have not had much time to enjoy it, yet.  After this period of solitude, however, I will have climbed a summit.  The excitement and anticipation is building and I am remaining focused on my vow.  Through silence, I listen patiently to my muse.  Inspiration strikes daily and I grab it (after a cup of coffee of course), tap it onto my computer screen, give it form, depth, meaning, structure.  While some people may not understand what it is like to work in a cavern, it’s okay.  I am most alive in that simple place, passion abounds, and, again, the view!  What an amazing, knee knocking vista!  Here’s to dreams, rocks in shoes, hikes, climbs, valleys, summits, sprained ankles, mountain tops, and all the in between!


  • To live in a great country, America
  • To have given birth to a great boy and a great girl
  • To have a great dad and a great mom
  • To have a great brother, a great sis-in-law, a great niece and a great nephew
  • To have great friends who love me
  • To live in a great neighborhood
  • To have my children attend great schools with great teachers
  • To attend a great university with great professors
  • To have great neighbors
  • To have great aunts, great uncles, and great cousins
  • To have a great grandmother
  • To have great medicine, great doctors, great hospitals
  • To have great women and great men who protect our nation
  • To have great men and great women who devote their lives to public service
  • To have great air conditioning in great South Florida
  • To drink great coffee with great soy creamer every morning
  • To have great sunrises and great sunsets
  • To have great oceans, great trees, and be surrounded by great nature
  • To have great hearing to listen to great music, great laughter, great people
  • To have a mouth to speak great words
  • To have great fingers to type great thoughts, great feelings, and great emotions
  • To have a great-full heart that knows while life isn’t always great, it is always full

What are YOU great-full for?