Pledge My Playoff Beard–Please!

This is me with a beard and standing next to Bob. Sexy–I know. Why a beard–you ask? Well, for those of you non-NHL informed people, it’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Everyone grows a beard during playoffs–at least the cool people do. Why should you care? Because I’m sporting facial hair is to help raise money for children who need assistance AKA the Florida Panthers Foundation. Plus, I HATE the “c” word. In order for me to stay in the running, I need at least one daily vote. So please click this link and vote for me for free *shameless plus*! Come on, my favorite #9 is blowing me out of the water!  Of course, the whole point is to raise money for to fight pediatric cancer by pledging. You can donate $10 (or more) by clicking the link as well. Thanks in advance.

My beard even made the news–thanks NBC Miami!

Florida Panthers’ Hockey-Fan’s Stream of Consciousness

omGoc put a body on them Dddddd let’s see some offense doesn’t the first period feel slow nooooooo too much traffic did you see that no one was there answer them wooooot finally Stephen breakaway damn ohhhhhh nooooooo hit him Campbell D this net boys Garrison help him out Stephennnnn start hitting Oilers’ suck booooo let’s go Panthers Madden great pass #believered GOAL dun dun dun dun dun HEY dun dun dun dun I’m so excited I love hockey are you cold no I’m good we will we will rock you omg start checking I can’t look protect your goal THEO let’s see some offense they are better than this you can do it boys Oilers booooo they need to fire it up Weiss is #1 sweet Caroline dun dun dun bring the heat boys Ddddddd Upshall offense arhhhg I can’t look let’s see some hockey thank God they’re awake now Kopecky wtgooo it’s not figure skating boys  booooo Oilers oh no hope we don’t go to overtime grrrrrr a shootout THEO come on #9 you rock my world you can do it awhhh damn it’s okay boys next time *happy sigh*

This is a shout out to The Rat Trick–a blog about everything Florida Panthers. Head on over and check them out if you’re a Panthers fan, too! There’s great writing by smaht people who are crazed Florida fans like myself. They tell it like it is:  the good, the bad and the ugly. I won a contest last night–yes, you should also follow them on Twitter and on Facebook–and was thrilled to receive two free tickets to last night’s game! Thank-you Rat Trick! Here’s to playoffs!

Hockey Season!

Thanks to

I didn’t know if I was going to be handed a kielbasa or punched in the face. That was a great atmosphere to start the game. The nice thing was being able to suck the life out of the place by our play. You really like that feeling.

~Coach Kevin Dineen on the raucous atmosphere at Nassau Coliseum before Florida’s 2-0 opening-night win against the Islanders

Unless you are living in shed with no Wi-Fi, Fox Sports, XM, cell towers, Versus, any radio access, TV, or people, you  know it’s “that time” again.  No, I wasn’t referring to baseball!  The FL Panthers started out strong with their 2-0 win against the Islanders only to crash and burn when they came up against the Pens, but, hey! It’s the birth of a new season so there’s still time for the Panthers to get in the groove.  Here’s hoping for a win Saturday night against the Lightening.  In the meantime, my boy, Clemmensen, needs to heal quickly and get back into some net action.  Check out The Rat Trick a blog my buddy, Dave Lasseter, writes for to get the latest news about the Panthers.  Happy, happy hockey!

Canucks (hells yeah)

This year’s Stanley Cup Play-offs put me in an unusual position.  I could care less about either team.  The Panthers didn’t even come close to making it (go ahead, snicker) and then Tampa was out.  So, while I’m not vested in Vancouver or Boston, but, since I love hockey, I must watch.  I know, I know. . .I normally don’t root for Vancouver  (okay, I have NEVER gotten out of my chair and screamed for joy when they scored).  I am a proud American ya know.  However, I hate Boston (the bullies) so the Canucks it is.  Luongo rocked the net in game one and I’m hoping he’ll do it again Saturday night.  Comcast is actually televising the game so I’ll get to watch it in a comfy recliner, and on the big screen.   Let’s go CANUCKS!!!


Some highlights from Game 1!  It was a great game!

Some biting. . .

Some fighting. . .




Dun, Dun, DUN!

Dun, dun, DUN!  The message has been delivered devoid of hoisted flags, rolled parchment, and a wax seal.  The NHL has said, “enough” to Matt Cooke’s destructive elbows and other players like him.  His suspension could result in an over $200,000 pay loss (ouch).  Like many others have said, not the first time with Cooke.  The NHL, however, is “cracking down” (the irony) on dirty hits (okay, if not dirty, can we agree that the effects of said hits are bad?) in an attempt to reduce the number of head injuries.  The debate ensues about whether or not hockey is only worth watching if it’s left alone more as a type of anarchic sport (I say no).  Many Pens fans are disappointed in players like Cooke who end up possibly hurting the team with their suspensions (nearing playoffs). So, we, NHL fans, will be witnessing the changes as the season winds down.  Some of us are happier about the league’s enforcement and others not so much.  The bottom line is this:  blatant, unnecessary, hits with apparent intent to seriously harm another player won’t be tolerated.  Take it or leave it.  I’m sticking around and not blaming the violence on Metallica (Carl)! ;-)

6 inches


One of the best motivational, sports/life speeches ever by Pacino in Any Given Sunday. My buddy, Pete, listens to this every morning before starting his day.  I watch it when I need to kick a$$ and take names.  The six inches is in front of YOUR face!  What are you going to do today to grab them????


Panthers’ St. Patty’s Puctacular!

Oh, yeahhh!  I’m on a hockey high.  My boys, Weiss and Santorelli played well tonight and Clemmensen rocked the net up close and personal ;-) !!! So exciting to witness a 4-0 shut out against the Maple Leafs! Maybe a wee bit of Irish luck but mostly great ice time. The night was complete (according to my son) because of  the couple fights that broke out (on the ice of course).  Family, hockey, yelling, and dancing?   Who could have asked for a better way to spend St. Patty’s night!  Go Panthers!!!!



I’m frustrated in more ways than one but at the moment it’s with the Panthers. Sigh. More like grrr.

It’s a hot/cold relationship and, as of late, it’s been pretty damn chilly. I had high hopes for Booth, Higgins, and Santorelli but nothing tonight. Montreal was more aggressive and just played better.

It’s time we figured out how to actually score on power plays and odd man breaks. We don’t need to feel bad when an opponent is in the sin bin. We need to check, check and check some more!

I’m glad I was in my living room watching the game as opposed to dealing with the loss up close and personal (and having paid to watch them lose).  Thank-God for Vokoun and his 45 saves.

Guess there’s next time. Geez, don’t need to have my hopes raised only to have them dashed–again. Let’s go Cats!