Mama Said 


Mama always said not to play with
fire or else I’d get

I didn’t know she meant
guys with good hair, straight teeth and
insincere eyes who smoothed in then
ran off with your roses.

I didn’t know she meant
hungry men with voracious
compliments who slid into DMs and tried to
slip into your pussy.

I didn’t know she meant
if you asserted yourself and said no to the good
hair guys and the hungry men and the
winking older ones you’d be no fun or a tease.

I learned she meant
when you grow deep love inside you that
spills out to cover people who feel abandoned or
unloved or not good enough your flame can burn so bright.

Maybe then you will find an honest
man with okay hair and loving hands who
feeds your soul and protects your
heart and burns you with light. 

~Pamela Rossow