Where did the time go?

From feet
little that pitter
patted to shoes that
gape and click.

From wake-ups
and monsters to scare to
looking up for hugs
bent down.

Where did the time go?

From loving huge
and huger still
cords fraying and
knowing well of the
hopes and dreams

Where did the time go?

Life’s shorter and heart’s
bigger to hold memories
warm from the sunshine
of your smiles


4 thoughts on “Growing”

  1. Thank you for capturing the bittersweet feelings that accompany the realization of how quickly time changes parent and child, Pam. I loved the image of the tiny little shoes and feet; there are so many changes but somehow that image makes me more pensive than any other. The photo was perfect as well. Happy Writing!

    1. Hi Willow,

      Awhh, thanks for dropping over. I always appreciate your visits. I still remember the distinct sounds of my childrens’ feet on the tile in the early morning when they were young. I am amazed now when I look up into their eyes and that they have to bend down to hug me!



  2. Time just flies by and before we know we turn older and our kids become sprightly young ones ready to face the world. Lovely verse, Pam and glad to be stopping by after a really long time.

    Joy always,

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