Florida Heron Fishing

10 thoughts on “Heron~Photo”

  1. Water and water birds are something that I can never tire of seeing. Thanks for this delightful treat. Which water-body is this?

    Joy always,

    This is a poem from the sea landscape of Tamil Literature:

    The girl to her friend, with the lover, listening in, concealed

    The chief is the lord of shorelands where

    Fishermen with their power-packed arms

    Throw their nets into the clear sea ―

    Nets woven with straight sticks and curved knots

    Which are torn by the shark in its frenzied escape

    The shark with its native ferocity

    And its cruel resolve to attack anything

    That confronts it; such is the deep sea

    By which he lives. Will he, my dear,

    Reflect for a moment, in his heart of hearts,

    How his sweetheart will pine away

    The one with the shining, well-formed forehead,

    Sleepless, grieving all through the night

    When the strident noises of our town are silenced

    And all the townsmen are deep in slumber

    And the anril living with its mate in the nest

    Built in the big leaf in the wide-trunked palm tree

    Standing in the village common where

    The idol of a hoary god is installed,

    The anril sends out notes of passion

    Lined with the deepest melancholy;

    Will he sometimes think of me

    And the plight I am in, will he, my dearest?

    (Maturai Arulavianattu Alamperi Chathanar) (Subramanian, Narrinai 340)

    The word anril means night-heron in the Tamil language.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Awh, I’m glad you stopped by. It’s a heron and I watched it fishing in a freshwater lake nearby. I planted myself under a tree and stayed dry during the rain :-). xo

      1. Sto bene cara Pamela πŸ™‚
        E Tu?…
        Un cβ™₯rdiale saluto a te e alla Tua cara famiglia πŸ™‚
        Buon lavoro dolce Pam
        A presto

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