Power of Dreams


Have you ever had a dream—or dreams—where you’ve been lucky that they’ve clarified situations previously left obscure in your life? Where they are so dead on so you know deep down in your psyche that every bit of them is truth?

I have been fortunate to have these dreams—not once—but at different times and each time I awaken I am grateful for them. There’s a sense of peace after the haunting and some type of clarification of what was left asunder. It’s an odd yet fascinating experience.

What about you? Have your dreams ever clarified something or situations that were left in the lurch? How did you feel after waking up? Just curious . . . .




18 thoughts on “Power of Dreams”

  1. I have dreams that make me wonder where they came from. Last night I dreamt I was somewhere strange and someone had stolen my catering shirt. I’d carried it in on the hanger and left it hanging somewhere for 5 minutes and it disappeared. I was really angry about the fact it had been taken. Not sure what that was all about because I was not at a catering type location in the dream…

    1. Hmm–some dreams are interestingly weird, aren’t they? Wonder what type of symbolism your dream holds. Just be sure to keep an eye on your shirt!!!!!

  2. Hi, Pamela! ~

    I believe dreams give us an opportunity to understand and/or deal with issues that we may not be conscious of in our lives. If we fail to deal with these issues when presented in dreams then they will manifest in real life and become more and more prominent until the issue is resolved.

    ‘Good’ dreams don’t really need to be resolved, simply enjoyed — Challenging or disturbing dreams are a different story…

    1. Hi dear friend,

      I agree. Sometimes we don’t have control over others’ actions, but we can grab the wheel when it comes to our lives–thankfully. Dreams do have a funny way of bringing to consciousness unresolved or unattended issues.

      Other times, like you said (and as I have experienced) they are simply to be enjoyed and bring peace.



  3. Loved this post, I too have had some dreams, some informative, some mysterious, some were nightmares. Whatever be it I believe they have a significant role in our lives, it has always given me some sort of information. When I was pregnant I dreamt that am giving birth to a baby girl & it came true. After my mom’s death I have always felt she communicated to me through dreams.

    1. YES! Some are very intriguing (and all of the above) :-). Great point–they can be informative! I have felt experienced the love and joy of family members and friends who have passed as well. They were amazing experiences. Thanks for stopping by, Deepa.



  4. I often experience panic attacks during deep REM cycles and only wake when finally able to force an audible scream. The source of the panic is almost always being lost, in high school no less, and not being able to find the class I’m late for or remember the damn locker combination! It’s psychologically fascinating to me since I did begin to lose myself in high school; trying to find that something or someone with whom I could identify. I became quite adept at playing a chameleon, changing into whatever those around me wanted me to be. I was 38 years old before I finally began the journey within, the journey to my true identity. It’s a work in progress! Great post, Pam, thanks!

    1. I’m so sorry :-(. I think we’ve all had dreams that are so hellish and experience trauma of some sort. UGH! We are so grateful to open our eyes, right? The worst is when, after we awaken, the bad dreams are a reality. I think you’ll do just fine on your current journey. Sometimes self-discovery is the only way we are able to come to peace with fragmented pieces of our lives. I wish you joy and good sound rest :-).



  5. This is so interesting.. dreams have shown me countless things; from my fears, to reasons why I couldn’t move on from tough past situations. Dreams are my best form of self-therapy and even though it creeps me out still, I think it is awesome that our minds work this way!

    Thanks for posting this 🙂


    1. Hi Edwin,

      So sorry for being late to respond. Life has been hectic. I agree–they can be great therapy (even when we don’t like the message they are communicating to us) ;-).

      Talk to you soon,


  6. Dreams also can be so fantastically ridiculous. I dreamed that Danny Devito brought me flowers and a card at work. Written in the card were the words you are a cold, tough girl. We’ll see what the coming week has to offer.

  7. Most of mine are of being tormented and of my world being destroyed all around me. I can’t remember a dream of delight, pleasantness or serenity. Makes sleep an uninviting matter.

    1. I’m sorry, Carl. I’ve had those nightmares, too, and can relate. For some reason–when I least expect it–these dreams of clarification and peace emerge. Of course, there’s still a haunting sadness at times. I hope your sleep transforms into whatever it is you find the most beautiful.

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