Stickiness Factor: Ways to get people to stay on your website

Stickiness Factor:  Ways to get people to stay on your website
By:  Pamela Rossow

I’m talking bubble gum on the bottom of shoes sticky or simply—the “stickiness factor.” Maybe you have already heard these words used to reference the length of time people hang around to peruse your site. Whether it’s a blog or business website, the “stickiness factor” is imperative. What does your site have to offer—not only draw people in—but to keep them there once they land? Depending on whether your site is for personal use or business, the following are some “sticky” tips you can pick and choose from.

  • Create a poll or quiz.
  • Post something humorous—people do like to laugh.
  • Make the most of multimedia—add some music or an inspiring YouTube video.
  • Post a ranked list of useful websites.
  • Ever thought about a vlog?
  • Make sure to include sharing icons for posts and pages—Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc.
  • Interlink your posts—link articles, poetry, quotes etc. internally and externally.
  • It’s all about content—keep it fresh and interesting.
  • Provide some info. about yourself (short bio and pic) whether it’s on a page or in a link.
  • Have some pages for readers to browse—make sure they’re noticeable.
  • Engage your followers—this means responding to their comments, ask questions etc.
  • Host a forum on your site.
  • Make sure your RSS feed and email “follow” icons are visible so people can visit again!

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24 thoughts on “Stickiness Factor: Ways to get people to stay on your website

  1. for me, you (not you personally, but just all “you”) need to have an interesting point of view, write about current topics other than what appears on TMZ or entertainment tonight. don’t just say, “i don’t like __________” but instead say, “i don’t like _________ because ________.” back it up. prove it. show your intelligence and give me something to comment about.

    or, just show pics of your legs. i’m good with that too.

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