You are Still Loved

I am devastated to hear about the loss of a friend today. This person touched many lives with comments of hope and love. This post is to let her know that she was loved–her soul is now loved–along with her daughter and family.

In blogging, many of us write as catharsis–we celebrate joys, hold hands through sorrows and laugh in between. We form connections–at best, we make friendships and, at the least, try to bare honest souls on computer screens. We try to communicate that, while despair sometimes flirts, there is always hope . . . .

Then there are these unexplained tragedies we can’t wrap our heads around and leave large holes in their wake. These tragedies make us look at our own lives, our relationships, our selves. We hope that, despite misunderstandings, the people we hold within our hearts know how much we love them. That way, if the unforseeable happens, our loved ones who remain have our love to hold onto.

Sancheeta, you are missed. I hope this post honors a fraction of what you meant to those of us blessed to know you. Safe, peaceful travels.

With love,


For those of you who need to hear this, don’t ever g i v e up.


36 thoughts on “You are Still Loved”

  1. Mi unisco con il cuore ai Tuoi profondi sentimenti per quest’Anima che è entrata nel Tuo cuore!
    Che Dio benedica Lei e Te con la Tua famiglia!


  2. A beautiful tribute. I was really sad to hear the news. How tragic. Another candle blown out…a little less light in the world. I pray for her daughter, I can’t imagine what she is going through right now. Might those around her lift her up in their love and help support her through this awful time.

  3. Hello Pamela.
    I seem to be overwhelmed with sadness at the moment. First Sancheeta, then my brother-in-law. The only good thing about death is that suffering and pain are no more. RIP Sancheeta. Even though some of us didn’t know you personally, it’s evident from the outpouring of affection and sentiment that you were/are loved. Thanks for this Pamela!

  4. Pamela, it is so very sad the situation surrounding Sancheeta and the outcome. I would like to think that the bloggers that she was close to helped her in their own way, but that is something that we are not meant to know. You have written a beautiful tribute to your friend and she will be forever missed. Her words from her heart will be missed. A very sad day for all of us. May God hold her in His arms forever more, and look down upon her child and family and protect them.

  5. Thank you Pamela, you have expressed this perfectly. Sancheeta was as warm and loving soul, I have cried for our loss and her daughter’s. I rejoice that her soul is free of pain.

  6. Pam, thanks to you, I got to know the news of Sancheeta. You know Pam, if she had opened out to us, we might have helped her. It saddens me that we didn’t know anything until it was too late. I wonder about her little girl. Let her find comfort, solace and happiness.

    Joy always,

    1. Hi Susan,

      It makes me very sad to know that we didn’t have the chance to maybe help–sometimes we need others’ hands so desperately yet don’t know how to reach out. She lives on through her little girl. Love to you, too. I haven’t been around much b/c of “life” and look forward to reading more.


  7. Beautiful tribute, Pamela. My heart is breaking. I don’t understand. But, I’m trusting that our Lord does and understands Sancheeta more than any of us ever could.
    I pray she is in His loving and comforting arms right now . . .

  8. I have read so much today..cried and cried… I wanted once again to take in Sancheeta’s heart through her words…. I still can’t wrap my head around it…and it scares me because I understand it. Sancheeta you are wrapped in Gods arms now.. forever protected…never anymore pain…. loving you always…..Pamela…reaching my arms out in a good long hug… Love you…As always…XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXO

    1. Bonnie girl,
      We are all sad today. I couldn’t believe it when I found out. Yes, Bonnie, you know yet you reach out for others’ arms–we are here for you. Others can stand in for hope. Love to you as always and sorry for your pain.

  9. Very poignant and touching. I think you honor your friend very well with this elegant very well written post. I offer condolences at the loss of a friend.

  10. Pamela…so well said and reflects all aspects of loss and how important it is to let those we love know how integral they are in our lives. As our communities grieve there is such an outpouring of love and appreciation for this wonderful Soul that touched us for a Moment in Time…leaving us all a little better in the knowing of Sancheets….thank you ….

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