Florida Panthers’ Hockey-Fan’s Stream of Consciousness

omGoc put a body on them Dddddd let’s see some offense doesn’t the first period feel slow nooooooo too much traffic did you see that no one was there answer them wooooot finally Stephen breakaway damn ohhhhhh nooooooo hit him Campbell D this net boys Garrison help him out Stephennnnn start hitting Oilers’ suck booooo let’s go Panthers Madden great pass #believered GOAL dun dun dun dun dun HEY dun dun dun dun I’m so excited I love hockey are you cold no I’m good we will we will rock you omg start checking I can’t look protect your goal THEO let’s see some offense they are better than this you can do it boys Oilers booooo they need to fire it up Weiss is #1 sweet Caroline dun dun dun bring the heat boys Ddddddd Upshall offense arhhhg I can’t look let’s see some hockey thank God they’re awake now Kopecky wtgooo it’s not figure skating boys  booooo Oilers oh no hope we don’t go to overtime grrrrrr a shootout THEO come on #9 you rock my world you can do it awhhh damn it’s okay boys next time *happy sigh*

This is a shout out to The Rat Trick–a blog about everything Florida Panthers. Head on over and check them out if you’re a Panthers fan, too! There’s great writing by smaht people who are crazed Florida fans like myself. They tell it like it is:  the good, the bad and the ugly. I won a contest last night–yes, you should also follow them on Twitter and on Facebook–and was thrilled to receive two free tickets to last night’s game! Thank-you Rat Trick! Here’s to playoffs!

4 thoughts on “Florida Panthers’ Hockey-Fan’s Stream of Consciousness

  1. Hockey in Florida…. hmm… this creates some very un-Zen like feelings and thoughts to appear in my mind’s eye…. what’s next for Florida? Skirling bagpipes? Invasion from Mundania? Accordion festivals? Will there be no end to this madness?! :-) Have fun…. the S.O.C. was entertaining….

    • We love our hockey in FL–along with it the checking, puck handling, slap shots, good looking players and hot refs (as much as any northerner)!Plus, we have WEISS! Thanks, I always have fun whether watching my son’s team, college or NHL! :-)

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