Why? Because.

“There is much asked and only so much I think I can or should answer, and so, in this post I would like to give a few thoughts on what seemed to be the overwhelming question: “WHY?”
And here is the best answer I can give: Because.
Because sometimes, life is damned unfair.
Because sometimes, we lose people we love and it hurts deeply.
Because sometimes, as the writer, you have to put your characters in harm’s way and be willing to go there if it is the right thing for your book, even if it grieves you to do it.
Because sometimes there aren’t really answers to our questions except for what we discover, the meaning we assign them over time.
Because acceptance is yet another of life’s “here’s a side of hurt” lessons and it is never truly acceptance unless it has cost us something to arrive there.
Why, you ask? Because, I answer.
Inadequate yet true.”
~Libba Bray


23 thoughts on “Why? Because.”

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    1. The “because” comes after the “why” and “how” and sometimes simply sums up everything “because” there is no good explanation! Love ya Sulekha!

    1. You are one smart woman. There would be no “because” if first not a “why.” Yes, sometimes “because” is the only option. Somehow, you just clarified it even more for me and I think, by my response, that I will confuse everyone who reads my response. 🙂

      1. influenced by your post i wish to write a poem, Pam. in my life i am with so many WHYS. dwelling with them made me smart dear. only one option as i said, SURVIVAL is the name of the game.

      2. That is wonderful. I am happy there might be intelligence and hope to come :-). Let me know if you’d like to guest post and I’d feature you poem on my site with a link back to your blog! I will survive! xoxo

  2. They instruct/dictate things to us starting with ‘because…’ and all that blah, blah, as if they know answers to all our ‘whys’!

  3. Because…… is adequate for most questions. It’s a lucky word (7 letters) that is rich with meaning, mystery, and memories. It’s also a space filler, holding down a moment while a better answer is being prepared. Why do I say that? Because….

    1. Somehow, you ended up in my “ham” folder. Sorry about that, Dan! Yes, thank God for that word. When all other words fail, those 7 letters plus ellipses sum it up! Because . . . .

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