Paper Boat

“please, please,
pretty please,
just one?”

barely audible
a sigh, “just one”
fingers smoothed

© Pamela Rossow


8 thoughts on “Paper Boat”

  1. fingers smoothed.

    this is the tricky line. the rest of it is so childlike and innocent and wishing. makes a reader feel 5 years old and wanting a new little toy, no matter how silly, or a piece of candy, no matter how small. but the “fingers smoothed” line confuses me.

    power of words is something amazing.

    1. Yes, my nephew was begging me to “make him a treasure hunt” so he inspired this one :-). I was going to used “creased” but decided on “smoothed” because when making oragami you must “smoooth” the creases. I like the sound of “smooth” better than “crease.” “Creased” sounds so harsh, ha-ha.

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