she dreamt in
whispers hushed
sonnets that lulled
her soul soothed
her spirit quilted
her heart

© Pamela Rossow


14 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Hello Pam.
    Half the time I can’t remember my dreams, but there have been the odd occasion where I’ve woken up in the night, dripping sweat & heart racing when the dream seemed all to real.
    Soothing words & beautiful imagery.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Into Nothingness…

    1. Hi Andy,

      I don’t know what it is but close to morning I remember mine vividly. Sometimes, it’s a good thing and sometimes not so much. I’m all for lovely dreams if it’s possible to usher them in :-). Thanks for stopping by.


  2. while she was sleeping
    words softly reverberated
    bringing a quiet peace
    to her inner sanctum
    swept away fears and tears
    leaving construction of
    new dreams underway
    changing her future and
    rebuilding her heart

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