her face was
a poem or many
maybe more like
prose nouns clung
to her eyelashes verbs
wet her lips articles tickled
her nose metaphors grazed her
neck exciting the stanzas lurking
behind her ears while off-rhymes
tangled themselves in her hair framing
what lay beneath her anthology’s surface

© Pamela Rossow




34 thoughts on “Anthology”

  1. Loved it! It’s a real writer’s poem – each line carefully crafted, each word specifically chosen and perfectly placed – tingling like silver bells. Just beautiful! I’ve already read it three times!

  2. Love the play of touch and escalation in form and image, a brush with luscious syntax and a well-dressed diction. A poem to read if reality is threatening to destroy you.

    1. Noel,

      Since I respect your writings so much, your words are the loveliest of gifts wrapped up in beautiful packaging and tied with satin bows. Thanks for coming over. Yes, sometimes, poetry has the power to fend off harsh reality. Other times, the two are intertwined. Either way, a kind of catharsis.


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