I watched a tiny
moth dive and dip
towards fluorescent
mercury its wings
illuminated by artificial
watts and wants enticed
teased coaxed by glaring
brightness only to burn

© Pamela A. Rossow


24 thoughts on “Burn”

  1. I once read in National Geographic Magazine about scientists that created giant replicas of female moths to entice the males for mating. Previous studies had shown that the males will go after the largest, brightest females whose wings flapped the fastest — the models were made significantly larger, brighter and faster than any real female moth could possibly become. All the males went for her. This makes me think about all kinds of things. Just like your poem.

    1. Thanks, Jessica. Yes, we do yet sometimes we have to act passionately and just go for it despite the risks! Maybe we’ll burn, maybe we will find what our heart’s desire 🙂

  2. Essential synthesis of a dense moment of emotion!
    Thank you for this beautiful image of the soul!
    A sweet greetings from my heart

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