“The naive judgment of the dreamer on waking assumes that the dream – even if it does not come from another world – has at all events transported the dreamer into another world.”
The Interpretation of Dreams
~By Sigmund Freud

You tried to take away
my wish fulfillment. You
dissected it bit by bit until
it became broken into pieces
of quantitative analysis,
sterile bits of soul laid bare
upon your theoretical

I allowed you to strip me,
leaving my subconscious
naked, the entire time believing
in your precepts, trusting in
your self-professed science,
becoming a hypothetical

How could you have known
anything of my candy colored
absurdities, my twilight bathed
inspirations, my laurel hopes, my
Amazon desires? You did not speak
my dream language. Your muteness
sliced my emotions with surgical

If only you had cared to know
something of my autumnal eyes,
my emerald amulet, my perpetual
shores, my beating waves, my cerulean
depths. You did not feel my swells.
Your resolute bias steeled

Pamela Rossow


44 thoughts on “Oneirologist”

  1. You may not drink J-A-C-K, but you sure as hell can write. I initially thought this would work best as prose/poem but around verse three got the flow.


  2. It is scary if we allow someone or something to get so close –
    dissected it bit by bit until
    it became broken into pieces.

    This poem beautifully fetching.

    1. The scary part isn’t necessarily getting close it can be what happens after. . .the unexpected. All worth the risk, however, since love endures. . .maybe not in the way we hoped it would. Thank-you.

  3. “you did not speak
    my dream language your muteness
    sliced my emotions with surgical

    Sounds like someone tried to crush your dreams lately! I think this poem is a nice retaliation if that is the case. It is wonderfully written, I love the strong imagery! Thanks for sharing!

  4. “candy colored absurdities” — Yes, we all have our own absurdities. Thanks for sharing. The metaphors are well-thought out.

  5. “sliced my emotions with surgical precision”
    This is true with much of life, don’t you think Pamela? More is the analysis and less of true connection without explanation. Loved it! Blessings, Terri

  6. The complexities of dream languages and life went beyond the relationship. Analysis without feelings and feelings that are dissected, become cut and dried. The essence of a relationship is lost in the sterile environment. Everything does not need to be controlled and boxed up. Some things are simply to be enjoyed and appreciated.
    Your poem is beautiful.

    1. Yes, sterile, silent, and something very wrong about the need to box it all up. I want to live in twilight with someone who cares enough to remain next to me, accepts my colorful absurdities, and doesn’t hurt me with cool, hypocritical theories. Dan, you are one of the most intuitive communicators I know.

  7. And ‘perhaps the experience of a psychoanalytic problem?
    What is not taken care of a sensitive soul, in its essence?
    A hug:)

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