450 watts of metal 1400 rpm
with low starting torque stuck
myocardium into red ribbons
of jagged love bleeding out
slender finger on the switch ensures
centrifugal force pushes out
classical mechanics and Isaac
Newton’s second law of velocity
against what was-
is still a constant 

©  Pamela Rossow


18 thoughts on “InSinkEratore”

  1. This is powerfully provocative. With your finger on the switch, it seems there is a painful participation towards the end result. The InSinkEratore may have brought the physical part of the heart to its early demise, but the heart is only partly physical, and not the largest part.

    1. Thanks, mate. Not my finger on the switch!!!!! Yes, the physical aspect of the heart can be painful if it’s not functioning properly but the feeling/soul side can be excruciating when injured repeatedly! Glad you stopped by my boat 🙂

    1. Life can be bloody sometimes. That’s why there’s always tomorrow and hope, that with maturity and years, perspectives are seen in a truthful light. First, the lies have to be recognized. 🙂

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