Hockey Season!

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I didn’t know if I was going to be handed a kielbasa or punched in the face. That was a great atmosphere to start the game. The nice thing was being able to suck the life out of the place by our play. You really like that feeling.

~Coach Kevin Dineen on the raucous atmosphere at Nassau Coliseum before Florida’s 2-0 opening-night win against the Islanders

Unless you are living in shed with no Wi-Fi, Fox Sports, XM, cell towers, Versus, any radio access, TV, or people, you  know it’s “that time” again.  No, I wasn’t referring to baseball!  The FL Panthers started out strong with their 2-0 win against the Islanders only to crash and burn when they came up against the Pens, but, hey! It’s the birth of a new season so there’s still time for the Panthers to get in the groove.  Here’s hoping for a win Saturday night against the Lightening.  In the meantime, my boy, Clemmensen, needs to heal quickly and get back into some net action.  Check out The Rat Trick a blog my buddy, Dave Lasseter, writes for to get the latest news about the Panthers.  Happy, happy hockey!

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8 thoughts on “Hockey Season!

  1. Fun, fun, fun! My hockey fan friend says that some hockey crowd boo’d a time out in honor of cancer last night? Pretty lame. I actually find hockey players to be rather sportsman like (they all agree they can beat the snot out of each other during the game and then shake hands afterwards)… but the fans, well.. I’m still not sure about some of them. I’m certain YOU wouldn’t have boo’d the screen though. :) Enjoy hockey season!

    • YES! That is ridiculous about the booing. Very lame. Ha-ha, things can get a little crazy on the ice and, yet, the fans I have found to be mostly well mannered ;-) I try to be lol! I NEVER would have boo’d the screen! My dad has battled prostate cancer and we hope is gone for good! Awareness is everything! xoxoxoxo

  2. I live in a shed, have no wifi, and my fingers would shrivel and fall off if they turned the dial to a sports channel. Don’t hold it against me, I have other redeeming qualities.

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