she heard paper
whispers fluttering
about her like white
doves cooing at sun

she saw her past
shuffled into aloof
manila envelopes
memories tucked

shadowy recesses
lurking like a defiant
slip hem flaunting
until tugged out of

© Pamela A. Rossow


14 thoughts on “Dissolution”

      1. It was my pleasure :-). Yes, all of the football, football, baseball, football, golf, football, baseball is starting to drive me crazy! Worse is that I don’t have Versus so I haven’t been able to catch the pre-season hockey. Talk about withdrawal!

      1. Haha, if I want to pay for it, I can get it. Not happening right now but it sure is freaking annoying! Furthermore, I live in FL so it’s not like my neighbors usually have the games on 😉 I’ll figure it out. Sometimes, I just have to listen to it streaming. . .

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