On the Flip Side

 A quick post in the throes of preparing, readying, prepping, steeling oneself for what lies ahead. Time, that elusive fate thrower, has taken aim and hurled darts this way, leaving us dodging left, right, up, down. Attempts to avoid the pain of biting steel punctures. Present has accelerated.  Near future breathes heavily on our necks. There is no inkling of what will be. No psychic knowledge. No spiritual prophesy. Just time and life and waiting plus that impenetrable shield of hope. See you on the flip side . . . .

9 thoughts on “On the Flip Side”

  1. My what a handsome dad you have. prayers for you all, I hope he indeed is fine. Trials and more trials. Growth and strength gaining experiences are really stepping stones. Loves to you!

    1. Awh, Doreen, it was more of a metaphor for how life has felt. He should be fine. The surgeon has performed thousands of this type of surgery. Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated, though!

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