Friday Moment

this moment} – A Friday ritual. Photos – no words – capturing moments from the week. Simple, special, extraordinary moments. Moments you want to pause, savour and remember. “This Moment” is a ritual found on  Life inspired by the Wee Man which I then kidnapped from Almost there by Sarah-Jane and snagged from Alejandro.

26 thoughts on “Friday Moment”

  1. This little bird is so cute but I loved the ones who knew you so well they ate cranberries from your hand and would peek in the kitchen window to remind you to come out with their treats. Never forget the landing on your inside Christmas tree and the one in the garage on a bicycle waiting for you. Momma let all of us peek in her nest to see her babies, too. What memories!!

    1. Thanks David! He was well camoflauged but not very high up :-). We were at eye level! They can be very territorial but some of them become familiar with you and allow you to even look in their nests or eat out of your hands (as I have experienced). It’s completely changed how I saw these birds! They are incredibly intelligent!

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