Straight From the Heart Award

I’m honored to accept this award from Bonnie over at Bongo is Me.  She is a survivor who blogs about the real stuff, the pain, the joys, the heartaches and chaos that abuse creates.  I have “met” so many wonderful people who are sharing pieces of themselves through their writings.  So many of you have reached inside and touched my soul with your words.
I’m passing this Straight from the Heart award along to Corinne at Everyday Gyaan
 She is a caring person who reaches out whenever someone needs a kind word or heartfelt sentiment.  Check out her blog.  Read about a real woman with a generous heart who is sincere in living and with her words.
There are a lot of awards floating around out there and they all come with some type of stipulation.  ANNA designed the ‘Straight from the Heart’ Award as an award to bestow on writers that pour their heart and soul into their blog.  They are bloggers that allow their readers to experience what they are feeling, what is floating around in their head, what is in their heart and soul.  There are no rules for this award. Spread it around or keep it for yourself.  It is yours to do with what you want…..

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