skin prickling
shivers crawl up
arms traversing
a body in need
of warmth heat
generated from
being tucked

 © Pamela A. Rossow


14 thoughts on “Untucked”

  1. Always cold here…nobody to tuck me in…my mom says I’m all grown up to have that done to me :P…

    Well, for the most part, the heat comes from the weather…I guess that’s fair enough for me at this moment while he’s not here…

  2. love your poem. i see from the other comments that there might be hidden meaning. even though i sleep with the man i love every night he doesn’t like to be touched while he’s sleeping so i feel the discomfort of your poem in my own way …

    1. Thanks Linda :-). Was just thinking of how nice it is to be tucked in and the feeling of safety that accompanies the action. Awh, that would be discomforting. xo

  3. Nighttime is the worse time,
    When thoughts start creeping,
    And I should be sleeping,
    It’s not a good time to be alone,
    For sleep is stalling,
    My skin starts crawling,
    Neither man nor woman should be alone.

    It’s a time to hug and be hugged, a time to share moments from the day, moments from the night,
    and most of all a feeling of belonging.

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