The Unknown

Dear Friends,

Today is it. The unknown stretches out like a blank canvas awaiting an artist’s brush. Our waiting will  probably entail more waiting . . . for test results.

Even though this anticipation has been lurking in the shadows for the last month, we had a great time celebrating life, independence, and personal freedom yesterday.

Positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we move closer to knowledge and, hopefully,a  negative biopsy for dad.

Here’s to great U.S. doctors, amazing medical technology, and all of the things and people we take for granted (sometimes)! May we be reminded of wonderful people in our lives and strive to tell them daily, through our words and actions, how much they mean to us.


2 thoughts on “The Unknown”

  1. We crave for something that isn’t there. Being grateful is a virtue I must learn…I see around me many blessings yet to be shared.

    I loved the way you wrote this…very artistic 🙂

    1. Sometimes, we do. We want to feel happy, free from stress, surrounded by those we love, to be healthy and, yet, we can’t always get what we want! But we still have to be grateful (and have an occasional temper tantrum, lol). We’re hoping it’s not “c” and in 7-10 days we will know.
      You’re a sweetheart!

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