Dear Daughter

Years ago, you made your entrance as my tiny princess sitting Indian style.  I prayed I would have a baby girl to love.  I was granted my wish.  It nearly killed me I could not hold you immediately upon seeing your little face but your dad held you near to me so I could gaze upon you (making sure you were swaddled and safe).  As soon as the doctors allowed me to cradle you, into my arms you went.  I can’t believe how fast the years have passed since that first meeting.  I loved you before you were born and knew that I was given a gift straight from heaven.  While it is difficult not being with you to celebrate your birthday (today), please know I am thinking about and loving you right where you are. When we are together, I am astounded that I must glance upwards to look into your eyes.  I see a tall, hard-working, intelligent, young woman who has dreams and goes after them.  You will achieve your goals because you are tenacious (even when life is rough).  You are beautiful inside and out and I am proud to call you my daughter.  No one could ever replace you!  I love you up to heaven and back.  Happy birthday, honey!



17 thoughts on “Dear Daughter”

  1. I want to hold you and your daughter close to feel the love you have for each other, to feel the energy love brings between mother and daughter.. you are both beautiful angels …

    From the Devil.

  2. I wish every mom could do the same tribute. It’s very beautiful as it was written BY the heart :)… Happy Birthday to your daughter 🙂

  3. Dear Pam – What a gift indeed. Wishing her a happy birthday and a year filled with discovery and lots of love and may she keep good health too. I wish I could hug you too….and you know why.
    Your post and the song pulled at my heartstrings…

  4. Yes, she is beautiful :-). I remember those days. . .if she wants to be a firefighter, she still can! She’ll rock the uniform! I think “chef” is more her speed now, though. I hope we hear from her too. I miss her so much. Love you daughter!! xoxoxoxo

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