Canucks (hells yeah)

This year’s Stanley Cup Play-offs put me in an unusual position.  I could care less about either team.  The Panthers didn’t even come close to making it (go ahead, snicker) and then Tampa was out.  So, while I’m not vested in Vancouver or Boston, but, since I love hockey, I must watch.  I know, I know. . .I normally don’t root for Vancouver  (okay, I have NEVER gotten out of my chair and screamed for joy when they scored).  I am a proud American ya know.  However, I hate Boston (the bullies) so the Canucks it is.  Luongo rocked the net in game one and I’m hoping he’ll do it again Saturday night.  Comcast is actually televising the game so I’ll get to watch it in a comfy recliner, and on the big screen.   Let’s go CANUCKS!!!


Some highlights from Game 1!  It was a great game!

Some biting. . .

Some fighting. . .




6 thoughts on “Canucks (hells yeah)

  1. Not a hockey fan, but could feel your zeal!
    I am an NBA fan, and “we” are in the finals between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks. 2nd game tonight! So farewell for now; about to go watch the 2nd half of game 2. Have a great weekend!

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