Waiting. . .

Have you ever been worried about someone you love? Concerned for a legitimate reason? Yeah, most of us have been. Most of us know that once we get “news,” there’s waiting involved. . .and more waiting. . .and more waiting (some of us, at one point or other in our lives, have experienced “news” regarding ourselves).

It’s not fun–none of it is. So those of us who are not great at waiting get to practice patience when we’d rather be doing something else. . .like living without life’s shadow visibly lurking.

Those of you who are waiting, too, I’m here with you in spirit–connected by that reality of a global humanity. We will exercise our patience muscles and, in the meantime, pray.  We’ll try to appreciate each day for what it is. . .a gift (especially when we are surrounded by people we love and who love us).

If you are one of those individuals who blunders through life without much introspection or delving, it’s never too late to start (actually, if you wait too long, it may become too late). So while there’s still time, feel. . .think. . . go deep. . .ponder life. Appreciate what and who is good in your life. . .and be grateful.

14 thoughts on “Waiting. . .”

  1. Absolutely true! Everyone has waited and wondered…
    My teenage daughter always reminds me, “Patience is a virtue.” Still, it’s hard waiting. This is where prayer comes in handy. Waiting and praying is far better than just waiting because it adds an element of hope to the waiting.
    How is your daughter BTW?
    ~ Love and blessings

    1. Yes, we have. You have a smart daughter, Debra. Very true. Waiting without prayer would be empty. Already been through stressful events a while back with this special man and hoping for no more. He is the best dad a daughter could ever hope for.

      She’s much better thanks.


  2. I am a pretty impatient person and when it comes to waiting, I can get all nervous and bit cranky, especially if the waiting is long. But yes, patience is a virtue that comes with time and it just makes a person more strong and hopeful!

    1. Yes, crankiness can certainly be a side effect! Especially when waiting to hear if the “news” is the worst or best case scenario. Here’s to hope, prayers, strength, and patience! xo

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