Wet on Wet


past future present
jumbled sketches
like watercolors
blurred by rain
pelting the paper

life’s brushstrokes of
blue red yellow blended
muddied translucent
then dots of pure
pigment spotted

muted highlights that
create textured
perspective and scale
not without value
and positive space

 © Pamela Rossow

28 thoughts on “Wet on Wet”

  1. That’s my life! One part bleeding into another, being absorbed in the middles, layers and years creating jumbled sketches, a multi-colored lifescape continually changing, hoping that the Creator’s matting and framing bring out the best.

    1. Hey Pam –

      You can call me Brian, Charlie, Nitric Blogger,,,,,what ever makes you happiest to call me. Please make it a nice name though. Bloggers have feeling too ;). Nice to see you back and on the blogging attack ^5 – :)!

      1. Okay, just cheking. . .now I will add garden/landscape planner/implementer! Ha-ha! I guess we, WP people, tend towards. . .snobbiness? I think we’re just elite 😉

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