Friday Moment~

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. Photos – no words – capturing moments from the week. Simple, special, extraordinary moments. Moments you want to pause, savour and remember. “This Moment” is a ritual found on  Life inspired by the Wee Man which I then kidnapped from Almost there by Sarah-Jane and snagged from Alejandro.


26 thoughts on “Friday Moment~”

  1. Pamela I love this photo…I have tried numerous times to capture a butterfly…they are so ethereal and elusive…you did a wonderful job of capturing this exactly!
    @jonesbabie on Twitter

    1. So cute. . .I like flutterbys better 🙂 I’ll drop by. . .
      She’s better and my son is sick. Yikes. Thanks for thinking of us! Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  2. I remember the morning you spotted this butterfly on the milkweed outside the porch door. Don’t see Queens very often. Love all the butterflies in our yard.

  3. Butterflies have such a delicate beauty, whether flying or at rest. In Monterey, CA monarchs gather on special trees during their migration, becoming a living cloak.

    1. Butterflies are beautiful and lovely symbols as well. Wow, I’d like to see that! This one is a Queen. Similar in looks to a Monarch but distinct in its own way.

  4. Hey Pam –

    Lots of beautiful color and detail in your Friday moment photo. Looks incredible. Is this perhaps a statement about how you’re feeling today? Happy, perhaps? Thank you. 🙂

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