Monday Memories

Nearly all my best, childhood memories include my family. Sun soaked, water logged days spent swimming in Non and Pop’s pool with my bro, mom, and dad, inhaling the Intercoastal with its pungent, sulphur smell that smacked my sinuses, stalking the brown water, dockside, hoping to see a silver eel streak by.

Memories that also involve the Atlantic Ocean which was just a short walk across A1A from their condo, the mysterious body of water that housed millions of varieties of life.  Whose beaches I lay upon under moonlight, motionless, transfixed, watching as the dark, shadowy sea turtles came ashore to dig nests and lay their eggs. The buoyant salty waves that lapped at my soul. Tides which pulled life’s negativity, ugliness, harshness out to sea till they became little specks on the horizon.  

Just some of the magical powers of memory–like a small town revival with its hallelujahs and deception entangled under one tent.  Fortunately for me (and something most kids take for granted), Ionly experienced the Messiahs during childhood–the joys and carefree days which blurred into years that formed me like wet sand in the hands of a master sculptor. 

My being, my core, my inner child is grainy, sun streaked, and dampened by salt spray. My remembrances which I keep dusted and lovingly displayed in my heart are happy and messy. They leave sandy footprints behind as they traipse through the years to find me where I am now. They slip into my dreams and cover me in beach sunflowers. They resurrect my beloved Nonnie and Pop-Pop whose wrinkled hands stroke my sun bleached hair, whose dark, Italian eyes speak love, whose lips utter “mangia” and “I love you.”

My memories are my buried treasure, coin upon golden coin, hidden from the surface, yet, shallow enough to dive for whenever life becomes overwhelming or hateful or unforgiving. They are my secret to survival. They are. . .and I am.




18 thoughts on “Monday Memories”

  1. I’ve thought about breaking the rules too and posting a Monday Memory – not on the last week of the month, but whenever the notion strikes. You know us rule-breakers:)
    Poetic motion in the writing as well as potent imagery that puts me on the scene: under moonlight and warm sun…amid salty waves and air…and sandy footprints. Beautifully written memory.

    1. Ha-ha! No WAY 🙂 Not full pics anyway! Lol. If I need a laugh a day (which I do, everyone does), all I need to do is read your whackiness and I feel better. Thanks! Dying to know what A said. Will stop by later!

  2. Hello Pam –

    You write well, very well indeed!

    Your memories of the ocean, your family, and pool side, are similar joyous memories from my childhood. The Fox River parks, playing ball (and too much mischief) on the old high school athletic field only 60 ft. over the fence from my back door, and the old rock quarry swimming pool near the river and train tracks, are such great memories I have also.

    Nicely written Pam! Happy Wednesday to you. 🙂

  3. Wow Pamela! That is a great Monday Memory, even if it is early, lol. I have never been a ‘beach bunny’…more like a ‘snow bunny’ 🙂
    Your memory is descriptive to a ‘T’ and has pulled me ‘to the beach’ this morning. I’m sitting here (early, early morning) enjoying my coffee, watching the sea turtle dig her nest 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awh, Mary, I couldn’t resist. Since I’ve grown up in FL and we’re made up of a lot of water, it just makes sense :-). I have visited winter wonderland and loved and appreciated it too. Just not the same effect the ocean has on me. . .a long standing love affair. I finally got my scanner to work so I can participate! I’m glad you liked it and it’s a great idea! xo

  4. All those wonderful memories make up your inner being, a little love here, a sand castle there, grandparents, the sea, your children……… are truly blessed!

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