Magic Wands, Fairy Godmothers and the NAVY?

While on Facebook the other day, I stumbled across a friend’s Mother’s Day status. Kim is a hard-working, married grad student who is “temporarily” functioning as a single mom. I use the word “temporarily” because her husband, Steve, is serving in our Navy overseas in KuwaitHe is sweating in the sandbox, trying to stay out of sandstorms (sometimes driving through them), risking his life and missing his wife and child.  She is working as a grad assistant, studying for her own classes, is mom to their adorable little boy and misses her husband. Since she is “sharing” her hubby on behalf of our country, she is winging it solo until his return. What does this have to do with Mother’s Day (stop the impatience)? Come on, you should know me by now! I’m getting there!                                                                                                                         

Anyway, she and her son headed to Disney on Mother’s Day. Kim just finished up a semester and needed some time to unwind. What better place to relax than DISNEY? After a fun day in the Magic Kingdom, they headed back to the resort.  Once inside, Kim discovered some Disney magic right in her hotel room. Awaiting her was a Disney tote bag embroidered “Mommy” overflowing with goodies and snacks she and her son like. Nearby was The Box. The Box was nestled atop a magic wand (yes, it looked like the Fairy Godmother’s) and inside was a beautiful bracelet adorned with a heart. Romantic enough? Nope. Along with the tote, treats, bracelet and sparkling wand was a note. Not just any note. It was written in golden calligraphy and looked like a wedding invitation. It was a “A Magical Wish.” Part of it read:

Disney is known for fairy tales/ and making dreams come true/ For the Fairy Godmother in my life/ is someone I love. . .that’s you!/ You’ve inspired me to dream/You’ve encouraged me to grow/Your time spent with me means far more than you know.                                                                                                                    

Jealous? You shouldn’t be (kidding). Here is a deserving woman whose husband loves her so much that he planned and executed a surprise from another country in the middle of sandy somewhere! They’ve been married for long enough (six years) and were friends for long enough before marriage (sixteen years). Long enough for the “I love you’s” to wane, long enough to get so caught up in the daily grind that he could forget to appreciate her. But he doesn’t. It’s not magic. There’s no wand to wave to make relationships easy (especially being apart for lengthy time periods). There’s no Fairy Godmother to bring Steve home when she needs someone to hold her or he has had enough of 100 degree temperatures and needs some loving. They just make it work (and make it work well).  

So kudos, Kim and Steve. May you celebrate many, many more happy years together and may your son enjoy the stability of growing up in a loving home. Here’s to great marriages, friendships, inspiration and hope!

P.S. Steve, thank-you for your service!


16 thoughts on “Magic Wands, Fairy Godmothers and the NAVY?”

  1. What an uplifting and beautiful story! Thank you Steve for all you do for us, and Kim for holding down the fort! Enjoyed your blog Pamanner.

  2. What an absolutely touching post to your friends. I shared this one and wish your friends: SAFETY, HAPPINESS, and LONG LIFE TOGETHER…may their karma always be this magical….

    thanks Pamela.
    ~cath xo

  3. Thank you for honoring my sister Kim and her family in such a creative and touching way… they truly are a special couple. I’ve watched their budding romance from when we were gawky awkward teenagers, and have grown to see them become incredible parents and people. I appreciate your gift for seeing things in such a touching positive light, and then taking the time to share with others. God Bless. -Julia

    1. Awh, they impress me individually and as a couple. I was surprised to hear how long they were friends before marriage!!!! Kim is a special lady 🙂 She has a wonderful family too. 😉 xo

  4. Well…damn! There are few things in this world that can bring tears to my eyes faster than awesome stories about our men and women in the military and their families! Way to go! =) LOL

    This is a fantastic story! Thank you so much Steve and Kim for everything that you do and endure to help keep our country (and the countries of our allies) safe from harm. On a side note…well done Steve!! =) You put a lot of husbands to shame! LOL

    1. Lol, yes I know! My daughter teared up when I told her (as did I when I saw the pics)! I had to ask permission to write it right away! Steve is doing a number on husbands everywhere ha-ha. Wtg Steve! xoxoxo

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