Atomic Self

he a nuclear
fission exploding
uranium 235
traveling to his
core compressing
then the blast
self’s death
and burning

© Pamela Rossow

14 thoughts on “Atomic Self”

  1. Hope history teaches mankind never to inflict such devastation on another again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Spontaneous combustion out of control,
    Unnecessary pain was not the goal,
    Yet nuclear reactions clear to the core,
    Everything destroyed, existing no more,
    If time had been taken to cool himself down,
    He would still be intact, all pieces found.

  3. You chose the perfect words. The second time I read it I read slowly…letting the words sink in…and I could feel the devastation of self in that moment.
    It is unique….I loved it.
    Stopping by from Jingle Poetry

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