Love Affair

I love writing and I write for a living.  Yet, I still find myself compelled to use words to channel whatever muses are flirting with me at the moment.  I have an on-going love affair with. . .words.  So, really, I write to live and live to write.  My life force cannot be divorced from getting down onto paper whatever must be there.  It’s pure survival for me.  If I’m not near my laptop, I’m scribbling thoughts onto paper.  If no paper is present, I improvise and write on my hand.  I have sat on a beach with the beautiful, soflo sun shining overhead and, having forgotten my pen, used my phone to text myself bits of prose that popped into my head.  If there was a way to write while in the shower, I’d do so.  Then there would be no need to try and remember what it was that came to me while shampooing my hair.  Blogging is relatively new to me and I like it.  It’s nice to occupy a piece of cyber space and express oneself.  It is weird knowing anyone can read whatever is written (since I know some off the wall people) but those people do not mean anything to me (therefore, who cares)!  There is much more I would like to write but am unable to because of life’s circumstances.  This currently unpublished material should land me a gig as a script writer for Lifetime.  In the meantime, some of the words I tap, scratch, and text into existence get published through this venue.  Others do not.  Blog world, readers, friends, and loved ones, welcome.  I’m honored and happy you came.  Do stay for a bit.  Kick off your shoes, settle yourself on my couch, and enjoy a great cup of coffee.   Sugar or creamer, anyone?

21 thoughts on “Love Affair”

  1. You remind me of Pop-Pop who always had song lyrics going through his mind and many bits and pieces of paper all around. Very good addiction!!!!

  2. Pam, enjoyed your post. I often wondered if I was addicted to my blog, I found myself like you sitting on the beach, showering, cooking, cleaning etc.. thinking about a good post and run for my journal to jot down a line or two. I thought it was a start to an addiction 😛 but feel better that someone else out there does the same… As for the shower, I have sliding glass doors 😛 steam it up a little and there you go 🙂

  3. aren’t words magic? one can express so many different emotions through words. i see this post as a wonderful tribute to words and writers.

    i also share the same love as you. that makes two love-affairs. btw, is it two timing? as both you and me have the same love interest.

    glad to have stumbled across you, dear pam.

    joy always,

    1. They are magical, uncanny at times, and fabulous. What a gift language and the written word is! Yes, I guess technically you’re a two timer ;-). I just have my first love so I’m not a cheater lol! I feel the same way dear Susan!!! xo

  4. Milk, one sugar please…. oh I already have one 😀 I love being here, it’s a pleasure to browse through and soak up your delectable words 😀

  5. How long have you known you wanted to be a writer Pam? Since childhood I’ll bet:)
    Now that would be an interesting post.
    I’ve pondered writing about my childhood ambition
    to be a writer myself. And now I think I will.

  6. Pamela,

    I love your writings, I wish I could find like time to write, write, write but life gets on the way. On the brighter side there are these great things they make for kids that will afford you some writing time in the shower.  
    Crayola® Bathtub Crayons, they are fabulous. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

  7. I don’t remember a time before the sight of a pen and a paper set me on fire,too. This affliction, addiction, and passion I share with you. Writing for a living is my goal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us. Those thoughts only serve to fan an already raging fire inside of me.

    1. Yes, Tim, I like the word “passion” because it can be good or bad depending on the day 😉 Writing is like that! From one furnace to another. . .cheers!

  8. I, for one, love your words, Pam. You make such good use of them. They are divine. I know what you mean about needing them. There was a time in my when I stopped writing for a while, and a very important piece of me was in mortal danger.

  9. are you talking to me? “off the wall” hehe

    you are a fantastic wordsmith Pamela. I enjoy coming here with my coffee and not understanding a poem you write…

    Cheers A

    1. Ha-ha, nope certainly not you! Not in that sense anyway 🙂 Yeah, I know, sometimes I have a hard time understanding them 😉 Relax and enjoy your coffee A!!!!

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