There’s fear and darkness all around you . . . .

Confession–I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter (frequently, when I’m up late, not writing, and can’t sleep). I can’t help myself. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s filmed in Hawaii (dreamy, someday vacay spot), Leland’s tatts are cool, Dog is just awesome, Beth rocks dragon nails and pink handcuffs, Duane Lee II is hot, it’s a family business or I get to vicariously track wanted criminals (I took a lot of criminology classes back in the day). 

What I know is, I like it regardless of what others think. I don’t really care if my family members snicker when they walk in my room and it’s on (yet, I find the need to confess).

Many times, I hit sleep on the remote and fall into a deep slumber as Dog and his crew are screaming at a guy to get on the ground or during the prayer, the cuffing, the good-byes, the last cigarette, the bottle of water, the talk or the drive to turn in the captured fugitive.

Hmmm–clearly a dork. I must go now. Dog is on. The sleep button is counting down, I’m tired (exhausted really), and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow (plus, hockey play off game #2). Aloha!

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14 thoughts on “There’s fear and darkness all around you . . . .

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  2. I can’t fall asleep watching my “gentle” channel. Can’t imagine seeing that show right before I went to sleep or ever. Can’t wait to hear what you dreamt about.

  3. Heavy duty tv is what you need,
    where all the bad guys heed,
    “On the ground, don’t say a word!”
    the last thing they heard,
    Before the cuffs were applied,
    and then the long, long ride,
    another day in the life of Dog,
    While Pam is sleeping like a log.

    May the force be with you! (Police force, that is).
    May the force be with you, in hockey playoff game #2.

    • Well, I confessed! :-) Thanks, we’ll need it! Playing the #1 ranked brutal catholic team lol! Last game, pretty fair refs. Tonight, we’ll see! I’m not bringing hot chocolate, tea for me ;-)

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