Tech Support!!!

I am a former, tech inept person. Not that I’m now a self-proclaimed tech guru (but I’ve come a long way, baby). Social media has helped but hasn’t been the grand master.

A switch was flicked firing neurons and igniting that part of my brain formerly rendered grayish and squishy. I’m not saying you’d want to call me for IT help (only my mom who is more tech inept than me does that), but at least I can perform some basic trouble shooting.

Just yesterday, I moved my desktop to another location. While the Internet is not up and running (yet), I properly connected the wires, most of the speakers and the keyboard works! Yay! I know–but for me it’s quite exciting.

Short story longer, my brother, David, has received (in the past) numerous calls involving “it’s off-line again” or “how do I scan and upload” and much, much more. Poor guy. Since he works three jobs+ and is an amazing dad, composer, professor and musician, I’ve tried to cut back on my calls.

However, I still can’t scan and upload my photos without them ending up as pdf files, I think something’s wrong with my router and wth? I must defrag my disk! In the meantime, I’ll keep trying. Here’s hoping my “skills” may be properly utilized. If not, my bro might start answering the phone like he did in the past, “Tech support!”

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20 thoughts on “Tech Support!!!

  1. Hi Pam –

    (ring-ring)…”Hot tub tech support. I’m Charlie. How can I help you?” …blah-blah-blah… “Ma’am, I can’t be held responsible that your boyfriend’s trunks were sucked in through the vacuum. ” …blah-blah-blah… “I understand he’s naked at your parent’s 70th wedding anniversary party in front of 150 people, but…” …blah-blah-blah… “Ok ma’am. I’ll fix everything. You’ll have a new hot tub in the morning.” …blah-blah-blah… “Lady, how can I bring you over a pair of my boxers when I don’t wear any? Ask your father!!!” … blah-bl (click). Ok, that was fun, huh ;).

    I really stink with technology and it’s not likely to improve much. It will get better but it can be very frustrating for me and sooo time consuming. That part I dislike the most. Happy Wednesday. :)

  2. too funny, I can’t tell you the catastrophes I have experienced and the computers I have fried on my way to the where I am now…and I turned my first computer on in 1993 (with my son’s help)…it’s been a love affair with technology ever since…I am a total geek :D

    • oh yes! I’ve encountered a couple of Trojans in recent years and it wasn’t pretty! I’m much more careful now! lol. . .no viruses for me! I hate having a comp down! Still don’t have the internet working on my desktop ;-)

  3. Hehe. Cute post. Many many people need tech support. Computer gurus should expect to be bothered by their less adept relatives! LOL. Just kidding, but it’s better than my best friend’s siblings who call her for driving directions ALL the time. I told her to start answering the phone, “B’s Rock Star On Star Services. How may I help you?” :)

    • Oh yes, outsourcing! I don’t mind talking to people elsewhere it’s the hold times that nearly kill me lol. Like today. . .forty minutes for someone to tell me they can’t help me. GRRRRRRR

  4. Has your brother considered changing his phone number? Is he still patient with you? The picture beside the post says it all. I feel your pain when you say you’re not tech saavy. “The interenet for dummies” was written for me and as soon as I can understand it I’ll give it a try. Don’t shoot the messenger. Have a great day zipping through space.

    • He hasn’t changed his number. . .yet lol. He is incredibly patient (as he was when we were children) :-). I have “ipod for dummies” compliments of my sis-in-law so I could learn to work/sync my kids’ ipods. I figured it out believe it or not! Of course they had to be Mac products. . . Have a great day too!

  5. Pam,
    I think you need to upgrade to a Mac. Lol. At least you’d be able to scan and upload your photos and find them with no fuss at all, not to mention no defraging is ever needed. But then again if you had a Mac you would have never writen this post. Lol

    • Jessica,

      Soooo true! My brother and sis-in-law swear by them! What technology for photos!!!!! I can only wish. . .and in the meantime hope my Dell holds up! Thanks for stopping by :-)

      xo Pamela

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