Symphony of Saws

I’m sitting here working and loud sounds may be heard outside (despite the Cat. 5 rated hurricane, impact resistant, glass windows in my bedroom). By loud, I mean very loud since if the sounds were softer, I wouldn’t hear them at all.  To many people, these sounds would be considered “noises.”  If my ears don’t deceive me, a heavy duty concrete saw is being utilized as well as a tile saw.  These sounds should irritate me but they don’t.  Years of growing up with a dad, who worked around the clock as a full-time firefighter and part-time carpenter, have provided me with enough “audio memories” that, instead of aggravation, I experience contentment when hearing the sounds.  Must have something to do with the association of loud sounds with progress (my dad was, and is, the type man to finish projects). So, I’ll keep writing to the symphony of concrete, tile, and hydraulic saws and know that my neighbor will soon be enjoying a beautiful pool patio.


9 thoughts on “Symphony of Saws”

  1. I was longing for the noise to stop. Such a beautiful, almost spring day with too much noise going on. Sometimes I long for silence.

  2. Just outside the complex I live in, construction is happening. So I hear the noise of a generator of some sorts. Well it begins at about 7 am and ends at about 9:45 pm. I have my window open and the noise well either I am used to it or just tune it out. Sometime i do get irritated then the window shuts and other times I am indifferent! My own music within emerges to keep me calm

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